Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two days 'till HOCR...thank you, rowing.

I couldn't be more excited to be racing in the Club Single event at the 47th Head of the Charles Regatta . I am healthy, well-rested and happy to see that the weather forecast (albeit a moderate headwind) will be pretty friggin' stellar. To your average spectator, the boats don't seem to move that fast and the athletes tend to reveal little of the pain that they are feeling, but the hard work that goes into this sport is understood by few. Competitive rowers spend countless hours working on technique and pushing themselves to the brink of what well-trained bodies/minds can tolerate, all before most of the population has begun to hit the snooze bar. We are a rare breed and I am ever grateful to have stumbled upon this activity, not only for the invigorating workout, but for the great people that rowing attracts. Good luck to all of my water-bound brethren this weekend; may many a finish line be crossed with empty buckets!

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