Wednesday, October 10, 2012

just. do. it.

after 102" in 3 days :)
When it comes to my work ethic, I have been known to take after my father...get the guy started on a project and you will be very hard-pressed to take him away on vacation. Throughout my life, I have felt few things to be more important than productivity. Just about every night before my head hits the pillow, I ask myself (out loud), "What did I get done today?"

For the winter of 2012, however, my nightly question was, "What did I shred today???"

Needless to say, I did not do a whole lot of "work" this past ski season. Instead, I lived out a recent dream of leaving my career in Boston for four months to focus primarily on snowboarding.

And, I am doing it all over again. Although my winter sabbatical will probably mean a great sacrifice in income for the next year, I've been given the gift of a new perspective on life. You only get ONE. We are all going down some day and I don't want to feel like I didn't empty my bucket; that I didn't give it my all...not only when it comes to earning a living, but also in simple pleasure-seeking. So, if there is something that you've always wanted to do, make it happen. Think about it, plan for it, save for it, arrange it...a trip, a class, an experience, a hobby. Enjoy life. As Richard Pryor once said (as HamBone) "You'd better have yourself some fun and plenty of it. We didn't have any say about when we came into this life and we don't have a say about when we go out".  -val b.